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The Foundation Tour de Junior Achterveld organises an international cycling competition (category II) of 6 days and 9 stages. The 65th edition will be held from the 12th of August 2024 untill the 17th of August 2024.

Participation is open only to junior bicycle racers with a KNWU license or foreign riders with a similar license of over 12 and under 17 years of age. Racing categories are 5, 6, 7, newbies under 17 and newbies girls under 17. Categories 5 and 6, 7 and Girls under 17 will race together but the last mentioned will each have their own overall rankings.

  1. All races of this competition are to be held under the General Competition Rules and the Junior Competition Rules as mentioned in the annual decrees of the KNWU.
  2. Entry must take place via the Tour de Junior website. Riders will be emailed a confirmation of their entries as soon as possible and will be mentioned on the site’s participants’ list.
  3. Entry fee is 75,00 euros per participant. Riders who like to be placed with a host family can declare so when they enter. Cost will be an extra 60 euros.
  4. The Foundation is licensed by the KNWU to hold Bicycle races and has all the permits required by the authorities.
  5. All participants will be assigned at random to company teams and must take part in all races in the outfits of these teams or in outfits made available by the Foundation.
  6. All participants will appear for the team presentation wearing their complete racing outfit: racing shorts and racing shirts made available by the Foundation, but no helmets or sunglasses.
  7. All Foundation assistants are wearing black shirts or black polo shirts with yellow lettering or a yellow windbreaker with black lettering.
  8. Medical assistance during all of the competition is in the hands of the Achterveld First Aid Helpers in cooperation with doctors of the local medical centre. “De Heelkom” is the medical centre for the whole event.
  9. Riders are categorised according to the age they reach between the 1th of January 2024 and the 31th of December 2024. Any dispensation requests will be dealt with after mutual consultation.
  10. Entry closes at July 20th 2024, after this date entry is still open, but cannot be mentioned in the Foundation’s Tour booklet. Entry may close earlier when the maximum number of riders per team has been reached.
  11. During the event, riders’ licenses are held by the organisation at the race secretariat. Riders have to present themselves personally on Monday morning, the 12th of August 2024 between 10:00 and 11:30 a.m. at “De Moespot”. Here, the organisation will also ask for their My Laps transponder number.
  12. Entry fees have to be paid 14 days in advance on the Foundation’s bank account. When paid cash at the presentation on Monday morning an additional 5 euros is asked for administration costs. If entries are cancelled up to 1 month in advance, no fees are asked, should one have been paid, and the money will be reimbursed. Cancellations after the 1 month period will be reimbursed after deducting 10 euros in costs.
  13. Participants with names ending in A up to H will hand in a spare front wheel upon presenting themselves on Monday. Participants with names ending I up to Z will hand in a spare rear wheel. After the races on Saturday afternoon, until 5 p.m. race shirts and numbers are to be handed in upon which licences and spare wheels will be returned. After 5 p.m. exchanging clothing for licences and spare wheels can only take place after consultation with the organisation.
  14. The trophy ceremony is an integral part of the event. It will take place on the 17th of August 2024, after 8 p.m. in “Ons Gebouw”. Here, trophies, team pictures and other extras will be handed over to the participants. Riders who fail to appear give up their right to any trophies.
  1. The competition consists of the following races:
    • ​​Criteriums
    • Road races
    • One individual time trial and two individual hill climbs
    • One “classic race” through the surrounding countryside​
  2. Protests may be submitted to race control according to the following outline:
    • Race irregularities: at the judges’ van no more than 15 minutes after arrival
    • Concerning rankings:
      • ​1st and 2nd stage: Tuesday at 6:00 to 6:15 p.m.
      • 3rd stage: Wednesday at 12:30 to 12:45 a.m.
      • 4th and 5th stage: Thursday at 6:00 to 6:15 p.m.
      • 6th and 7th stage: Friday at 6:00 to 6:15 p.m.
      • 8th stage: Saturday at 12:00 to 12:15 a.m.
      • 9th stage and final ranking: Saturday afternoon up to 30 minutes after publication of the category concerned at “De Moespot”
  3. Starting order of the races is determined as follows:
    • For the criterium, road race and classic by drawing lots by the judges
    • Time trials according to individual ranking, last to first
      The start of the road races is neutralised until the official sign is given from the judges’ car at the front.
  4. ​Starting times as stated in the programme are not fixed. The first category is to start according the programme. Riders must be present at the starting area 20 minutes before their scheduled starting times.
  5. During all races only riders who have started are allowed on the track. Other participants, parents and/or assistants are not allowed on the track.
  6. It is forbidden to warm up on the track when other categories have not completely finished and as long as the track has not yet been closed. Any infringement of this rule may lead to exclusion. During warming up on the track all riders must wear their helmets. Infringement of this rule may lead to time penalties.
  7. It is forbidden to let go of handlebars with both hands during a sprint, to be penalised with relegation to last place of the group they belong to.
  8. Every finish of every road race or criterium will be put on video in order to assist the judges in determining the correct finishing order.
  9. It is not allowed to write texts on the road surface by any other means than coloured chalks. Any costs for removing these, as by order of the local authorities, will be brought upon the person or persons who have applied the texts.
  10. Riders are not allowed to accept food or drinks from the roadside. Any infringement will be penalised with a time penalty. In the case of extreme weather conditions the judges will shorten races or cancel them altogether.
  11. The starting order in time trials is according to individual rankings, from last to first. Reporting at the start too late or not at all will lead to time penalties. Starting takes place at one minute intervals. Starting lists will be posted for everyone to see. It is the riders’ own responsibility to report to the start on time.
  12. It is not allowed to ride in one-piece racing suits except for the Netherlands’ champion in each category. They may use their champions’ outfits.
  13. Riders must wear sponsor shirts made available to them by the Foundation.
  14. If a rider, for whatever reason, is not able to participate in any one of the races, he or she needs to sign out with the judges 30 minutes before the race. Failing to do so may result in relegation or time penalties.
Material and gear ratios

Gear ratios are checked at random before or after a race upon instruction by the judges. Before a time trial, all riders will be checked.

If, before a race, a rider is found to use a too high gear ratio, he or she will have one opportunity to correct this and present it to the judges. If after a race a rider is found to have used a too high gear ratio, he or she may be disqualified.

The first 5 to finish any race must report at the judges, behind the crush barriers, to have their gear ratios checked. It is forbidden to double back on the track. Failing to report for a gear ratio check will be penalised with relegation to last place.

Gear ratios for juniors are fixed according to KNWU regulations.

In the following table we state the maximum distance per complete front chain wheel revolution.

  • Categories 5 and 6: 6.14 metres
  • Category 7: 6.55 metres
  • Newbies: 7.01 metres
  • Neewbies girls: 7.01 metres

It is only allowed to drive with wheels with 16 spokes and a maximum rim hweight of 50 mm (incl. braking surface).

This rule applies to all paticipants, including our guests from abroad.

In the youth categories is a double bicycle cover with derailleur allowed. Locking gears is allowed.

To facilitate speedy and correct results, chip registration has been introduced for all national races. All KNWU license holders must buy or rent a My Laps transponder. For riders who don’t own a transponder the organisation will make one available for the duration of the competition at a rent price of 15 euros.

Repairs during races

For all categories:

  • Criterium: only at the judges’ van. Until 5 laps before the finish one lap is given to fix any problems.
  • Road races and classic: repairs are only allowed if carried out by the neutral equipment van when asked for by a rider at the right side of the road.

Repairs during races are only to be carried out by members of the Technical Committee of the Foundation. Any repairs to be carried out by parents or others outside the regulations stated above will lead to time penalties or exclusions.

All categories must use a traditional racing bicycle for all races, including time trials. Special time trial bicycles are not permitted.

Riders in all categories are not allowed to use clip-on handlebars and disc wheels.

In all junior categories double chainwheels are allowed. Using fixed gears is not allowed.

During the week’s competition a number of rankings are kept up.
  • A general individual ranking according to racing times
  • A points ranking for intermediate and finish sprints
  • A king of the mountain ranking for the two individual hill climbs
  • A team ranking for the team sponsors, which does not affect any individual ranking
  • A ranking for the most combative rider

Final winner of any ranking and the jersey which comes with it is the participant who finishes first according to the Foundation’s competition rules.

Individual ranking leaders in categories 5/6, 7 and newbies will wear a yellow jersey, the ranking leader in category 5 is entitled to wear a white jersey not beiing the leader in category 5/6. The leaders of the sprints rankings will wear green jerseys, the leaders in the king of the mountain rankings will wear polka dot jerseys. The first girl in the individual ranking in categories 6 and newbies girls will wear a pink jersey.

The final winner of the girls’ category 5 ranking will also receive a pink jersey.

When one rider leads both the general ranking and any other ranking, he must wear the yellow jersey. The second in the points ranking will wear the green jersey. Yellow always prevails over green or any other colour.

The order of importance of the jerseys is as follows:

  1. Yellow jersey
  2. Pink jersey
  3. White jersey
  4. Green jersey
  5. Polka dot jersey

Categories 5 and 6 have a combined green jersey ranking.

Wearing of the jerseys is compulsory. The jerseys which are handed over at the trophy ceremony become the personal property of the rankings’ winners.

The final winner in the newbies category will receive a flower wreath.

Riders wearing a leader’s jersey who are number one of their ranking, must hand in their jersey on Saturday afternoon after the races. At the trophy ceremony they will receive a leader’s jersey with the year on it. Riders who have held a jersey but have not finished first in their final ranking, may keep the jersey. Should they get back to first place of their ranking, they will not receive a new jersey but they will have to wear the one they have. Riders who were second in their ranking but wore the jersey because it was passed on from number one, must hand in the jersey on Saturday afternoon.

For determination of the most combative rider there are points to forgive om a daily basis for the categories 5/6. 7, Newbies girls under 17 en New bees under 17. The rider with te most points at the end of the week will get an sponsored prize.

When two riders end up with the same ranking, the result of their last race is decisive.

General individual ranking

In all races, except the time trials, the first five at the finish earn bonus seconds.

The winner of the stage gets 5 seconds, the 2nd gets 4 seconds, the 3rd gets 3 seconds, the 4th gets 2 seconds and the 5th gets 1 second.

Intermediate and finish sprint ranking

During the criteriums a number of intermediate sprints (including the finish) will be announced by the speaker, with a bell signal. During the road races there will be sprints every time the finish line is passed and at the finish of the race. During the classic there will be a sprint at every passing of “Chardonnay” on the Postweg and when the finish line is passed. The winner of each sprint and finisch gets 3 points, the 2nd gets 2 points and the 3rd gets 1 point. In categories 5 and 6 there is a combined sprint ranking with one green jersey for the leader of the ranking.

King of the Mountain ranking

When two riders finish on equal time after the two hill climbs, the result of the last climb decides who wins the jersey.

The trophies of the competition meet official KNWU regulations.

For the end ranking there are the following trophies:

Individual time ranking per category: for the best 5 a cup.

Individual mountain ranking per category: for the best 3 a cup.

Individual points ranking per category: for the best 3 a cup.

A rose jersey ranking perr category: for the best 3 a cup.

Individual time ranking per categorie: for the last one a red lantern.

Team ranking: for the best 3 a cup.

GP Johan Ossendrijver ranking: for the best 3 a cup. Newbies and Newbies girls go for the end ranking scheme P (money trophie).

Furtheron the winner in the mountain ranking per category gets a polka dot jersey, the winner of the points ranking per category gets a green jersey, the winner of the time ranking in category 6, 7 and Newbies gets a yellow jersey, the winner of the time ranking in category 5 gets a white jersey and the fastest girl in category 5, 6 and Newbies girls gets a rose jersey.

After every stage, excuding the classic race GP Johan Ossendrijver, the first three in each category will be honoured on the winners’ rostrum. Every stage winner receives a ‘gold’ medal, every 2nd a ‘silver’ medal and every 3rd a ‘bronze’ medal.

The first three of the time trial rankings will, in principle, be honoured after the finish of their category’s next race; so it’s time trial in the morning, honour ceremony in the evening.

Remember this: no participant goes home empty-handed!

In cases these Competition Rules do not foresee, the race leader finds a decision together with the KNWU officials and the finish line judges of the Tour de Junior.

How to wear your numbers on different days or events:

It is in your own interest to wear your number on the correct side. This facilitates making up the rankings correctly.

  • Monday evening:            right side
  • Tuesday morning:           right side
  • Tuesday evening:           left side
  • Wednesday afternoon :  left side
  • Thursday morning:         right side
  • Thursday evening:         left side
  • Friday morning:             right side
  • Friday evening:             right side
  • Saturday morning:        left side

After all of the races on Saturday afternoon riders must hand in their shirts, leaders’ jerseys and numbers at “De Moespot” as quickly as possible.

The participent declares to be aware at the time of registration of the privacy policy as publiced on our website. The participant allows us to publish pictures of the event in which the participant is visible. If the participant do not want this inform us by email and we will ensure that the pictures will not be publiced.